Since its release, the IGTV platform on Instagram has been blowing up with content in 2021. Instagram is pushing for influencers to start creating more IGTV videos. Want some IGTV video ideas? Read on.

However, due to its young age, the number of IGTV videos is minimal at best when compared with all the content on Instagram. This means there is a tremendous amount of empty space on the IGTV platform just waiting to be snatched up! That is why I have been racking my brain all week to come up with as many IGTV Video Ideas as possible for 2021. Just below you will see my full list of 20 IGTV Video Ideas 2021.


Key Takeaways

You need to make your creativity count to attract followers via IGTV videos. This is achievable by leveraging several IGTV video ideas to make brilliant videos for existing and new followers. It is an ideal way to keep your audience updated with the latest post.


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What is IGTV?

IGTV is Instagram’s latest addition to its video format, it allows Instagram users are now able to shoot long-form vertical videos. Thanks to Instagram TV, Creators are no longer bound to the 15-60 second video limit. They can create videos up to an hour in length and post them to their channel for all their subscribers to see.

There’s additionally another, independent IGTV application, and web transfers too. Here are some key facts on the usefulness of IGTV:

  • Your IGTV Channel sits alongside your Instagram Stories Highlights on your Instagram profile or they can be gotten to from the news channel home screen.
  • You’re ready to add a description and title to every video before you transfer it, while you’ll additionally have the option to transfer your own thumbnail or pick a thumbnail from your video for the video’s spread.
  • You can share IGTV recordings to Instagram Direct Messages
  • You can connect straightforwardly to an IGTV video from your Instagram Stories
  • Video transfers must be in a vertical organization
  • Recordings should be between 15 seconds and 1 hour long.
  • You’ll have the option to follow “channels” and watchers will most likely leave comments and likes on your recordings. You will get likes and comment notifications in a similar screen that you get your standard notifications on.
  • There are experiences accessible for your IGTV video. So far IGTV bits of knowledge include Views, Likes, Comments, and Average rate viewed. There’s even a helpful outline to demonstrate to you the focuses at which video viewership increments and drops.

IGTV vs YouTube

When it comes to creating content you will have to choose which works best for you. However, content ideas & styles are transferable to any platform. No matter which side you decide to create your videos for, having creative IGTV video ideas can be used anywhere.

To get started check out one of our original YouTube Videos on trending video ideas for IGTV.

IGTV Video Ideas for 2021

1. Video Greetings/Intro

A perfect IGTV video idea is when new visitors arrive on your channel give them a proper welcoming by creating a short introduction of your channel.

This can be a great way to increase the number of conversions you attain for more followers. Being able to visually introduce yourself can allow new visitors to see your charisma, style or behavior. Which is far more powerful than just some text on a screen.

So do your IGTV channel a favor and create a proper introduction.


2. “Coffee Cup Talks” Q&A’s

igtv video ideas

This is a video idea for IGTV that I love to see on channels. Just like an Instagram Influencer, you are only as strong as the community behind you. This is why it is essential to constantly give back to build stronger relationships with them.

That is why having a “Coffee Cup Talk” to answer all your followers’ questions can be a great way to connect with them on a more personal level.

Think about where people get to connect and talk to one another, it’s probably your local coffee shop. Imitating this setting can give users the impression as if they are really there. Which is extremely powerful, but Q&A’s can be shot anywhere that is convenient. Just make sure to answer the questions your audience is truly interested in.

3. Out Fit’s Of The Day (OOTD)

This is a great igtv video ideas you might want to try. One thing that has been popping up all over the fashion channels is OOTD videos. If you are creating a personal brand or you are in the fashion niche this can be a great way to start pumping content onto your IGTV channel. They can be as simple as a slow 360, or as elaborate as showcasing each piece and explaining the designer. You can even incorporate some tips and tricks that can help your followers put together an amazing outfit.

igtv video ideas

4. Vlogging

For those that are already Instagram Story fanatics, creating an IGTV Channel that consists of vlog videos could be the best way to transition to the IGTV platform. Vlogging is extremely simple, all you need is a smartphone and your face. Then just document your daily life. This is perfect for creators that are stuck with making the proper IGTV video idea. Creators just need to do one simple thing, create less, document more. The content already exists out in the world, just start capturing it and showcase your perspective to your audience.

5. Daily Reflections

For Instagram Influencers in the entrepreneur or business niche start creating IGTV videos around daily reflections. This will allow your followers to get an inside scoop on your daily life as well as the projects you are working on. At the end of every day just make a short video of yourself talking about:

  • What you accomplished for the day?
  • Some challenges you are faced
  • Overall reflection on your daily performance
  • Goals You want to accomplish for tomorrow.

Through your daily reflections, followers will gain knowledge and insight into the industry. Causing them to be returning viewers. In addition, creating daily reflections will make you more accountable for your actions. This IGTV video idea is a win-win for both ends!

igtv video ideas

6. Street Interviews

Can’t think of any copy for your IGTV video? Who cares! There are a plethora of people outside that are waiting to be spoken to. A unique way to produce content for your IGTV Channel without producing any content of your own is through interviews!

Think about most of your favorite interviews. You were not listening because the questioner sounded like Morgan Freeman. You were listening to the interview because of the responses the interviewee gave. IGTV Creators can apply the same methodology. Simply just create some questions you think followers will want to hear the answer to, then just start interviewing people on the street. You may be surprised at how many people will stop and talk to you.

The benefit of this IGTV video is you can convert those interviewees into followers! You are gaining new followers both digitally through Instagram and physically through interviews.

7. Product Commercials

Does your business have a product or service to offer? Well, think of IGTV as a basic cable. Remember all those late-night infomercials about random products. Start producing commercials for your products or services! Except, add some personal flair and creativity to your IGTV Commercials, after all that’s the whole premise behind Instagram. Think of unique ways to showcase your product in action. This can be a great way to turn those Instagram Followers into customers. IGTV is looking to put basic cable out of business, your IGTV product commercials should do the same thing for late-night infomercials.

8. Unboxings

For some reason, individuals love watching other individuals open up blessings, things they got via the post office, or things they got themselves. It’s something that is very well known on Instagram Stories, however once more, on IGTV it’s entirely parceled simpler to do this sort of recordings since you can transfer up to 10 min recordings right now (in the long run it’ll be 60 minutes). So you can attempt this sort of recordings or offer your preferred results of the month. In case you’re a blogger, perhaps you can make a video like this which at that point coordinates watchers back to your blog where you give photographs and connections of the considerable number of items you referenced. Bode well?

9.Client testimonials

One of the advantages of IGTV is that the substance remains on your channel except if you erase it. That being stated, I believe it’s the ideal chance to approach your customers for tributes that you can share on your channel in case you’re an entrepreneur of any sort. Your customers can record themselves discussing your administrations, and after that, they can send you their video. You can make an entire IGTV scene on that one tribute or join an entire pack of them and complete a tribute reel. On the off chance that your customers like to give you a composed survey, you can make a content video with their contemplations, add some pleasant structure to it, and transfer that.

10.Behind the scenes

Yes, we’ve likely all utilized Instagram Stories to share in the background clasps of our organizations or our channels, however, at this point, you can make IGTV recordings that live on your profile and don’t vanish. You can utilize this as a chance to expand on things you’ve as of now exhibited, and perhaps you can do that routinely to keep individuals keen on whatever it is that you do.

11. Screen Recordings

A huge question Instagram Influencers get asked all the time is what apps they use for social media. Typically users want to see what content editing apps they are using. As an Instagram Influencer creating a short screen recording on your phone to showcase your content editing apps is simple. Plus, you can give value back to your following by explaining why you use each one or even give a short tutorial on each content editing app. Always try to give back value to your following./

12. Standing Series

Do you already produce video content on a daily? Well creating a weekly series can be a great way to channel some of that air time into IGTV. Weekly series can be about anything it doesn’t matter as long as your followers enjoy it. Some IGTV standing series ideas are:

  • Weekly Recaps
  • Cooking Shows
  • Podcast/Interviews

Do not be constrained by these topics, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Creating a standing series on IGTV can be a great way to get reoccurring visitors. Being able to acquire a specific time slot out of someone’s schedule is huge, try creating a little weekly series that shoots at 2 pm Every Wednesday.

igtv video ideas

13. Workout Routines

This is for all those Fitness & Health nuts. Creating a workout routine for your followers to follow along to is an excellent avenue for getting content on your IGTV channel. Now that videos can be an hour in length, you can give full in-depth breakdowns of movements. This will not only educate users on what muscles are in action but also how to perform the movement correctly. Video workout tutorials are far superior to written copy because people want to see the movement performed; so they know they are executing it properly.

14. Grocery Hauls/Meal Prepping

Did you simply go purchase a huge amount of sustenance for the week? Amazing! Record yourself putting everything away without end and show everybody what you got. Individuals love staple take recordings since they adore finding new items and on the off chance that you can do it on a spending limit, surprisingly better.

People love to see what bodybuilders and supermodels eat, now they can see how you cook it too!

15. Comedy Skits

There are a lot of funny people in the world. Instagram Influencers like @KingBach have made their whole career around comedy skits for social media. His first debut was making short comedy clips for his Vine Channel. Now with 15.6 million followers on Instagram, he creates skits on his IGTV Channel. If you’ve got the funny bone in you, try creating some comedy skits and place them on your IGTV channel. I’m sure your community would love to see your funny side.

igtv video ideas

16. Motivational Talks

Nothing is more motivating than hearing a motivational speech given by your favorite Instagram Influencer. All throughout Instagram, there are motivational pages that create content around inspiring their community. Start creating motivational content for your followers. Whether it be a short speech that you come up with yourself or create and edit a motivational video for your channel.

17. Collaborate With Other Influencers

Are your IGTV Video ideas becoming stale?

Instagram is a platform for making connections. Like an Instagram Influencer, you have an audience you can leverage with other Instagram Influencers. Connecting with influencers in your niche is an excellent way to cross-promote each other’s channels and get great content!

In addition to growing your IGTV channel, collaborating with influencers can open doors to connect you with powerful people in your industry. After all, when it comes to being successful, It’s all about who you know.

18. Blooper Reels

Content on Instagram is always edited to perfection by influencers. When it comes to videos there are always a ton of blooper reels. These outtakes can be a great IGTV vide idea to spark some humor in your channel. Users will be able to have some comic relief by watching you fumble over your words. Plus, viewers will get to see more of you and your behaviors which is essential for building trust.

19. What’s on My Phone?

A great IGTV Video Idea is to showcase what’s on your phone. For a lot of creators & influencers, their communities are interested in learning what types of games, editing tools, socials, and other apps that their favorite influencer/creator uses on a daily basis.

This can be a fantastic way to share a little bit more about your editing process or to let your community get to know you better.

20.General how-to videos

 You can likewise present standard how-on recordings on pretty much anything. Step-by-step instructions to make espresso, (a Beville can help with that) how to utilize self-leather treaters, how to make a financial limit, and so on and so forth. and so forth. Consider what specialty you’re in, what your business is about as well as what sorts of things your group of spectators battles with or would appreciate finding out about. At that point to make those recordings.

21. Showcase Physical Events

Trying to promote your next sneaker event, comedy show, or music festival. Recording some live footage from your past events and showcasing them on your IGTV can be fantastic for the growth & exposure of your IGTV channel. For old fans, this will be a great way to relive the energy they felt at your event. For potential new leads, this will be a great way to pass along the energy & vibe that your event can bring, possibly making them want to come to the next one.

22. Use IGTV to Start a Web Series

It is impossible to cover some ideas at a go, given the complexity surrounding the concepts. This could be because it may take several days before it becomes a whole. Then, your audience can bring together these series to understand your story.

If you fall in this category, a web series is the perfect IGTV video idea you should consider. You can create your videos in episodes up to 10 or more based on the story you want to tell your followers.

However, you should never forget the time you need to invest in preparing the videos. This is because every episode should have its script and follow a sequence that your audience will understand.

Therefore, a lot of planning is required before you begin to shoot your videos.


23. Repurpose Content

Another IGTV video idea you can use to grow your business is repurposing already created videos of others by uploading them on your channel. However, you need to do some editing for horizontally shot videos.

Recycling videos by compiling old Instagram stories or re-uploading your content from other social media sites are good for your channel. IGTV helps you to bring this content closer to new audiences.


24. Community Story Highlights

Creating emotional content that connects your brand to its neighboring community is one of the best IGTV video ideas you can employ. Based on community ideas, brands should take the best part of their customers’ stories to engage audiences through IGTV.


25. Organize a Games Show

You can promote your brand by leveraging the game shows IGTV video ideas to engage more audiences. Many people are passionate about game shows and would love to be participants.

Isn’t that an opportunity to increase your engagement level? Of course! It is. It is not difficult as you may perceive it to be, as you can build the game around what your brand offers.

For example, if you are a clothing brand, you could have people answer questions about clothing designers. You can jot it down and display it for the participant to see. It’s an IGTV video idea that pulls the audience closer and holds them down till the end of the game.

Other IGTV video ideas include;

  • Establish your Target Audience
  • Publish High-quality content regularly
  • Leverage Instagram live and Instagram stories
  • Don’t limit yourself to Instagram
  • Work towards improving your video quality always
  • Use photos to promote your video
  • Request from your followers their content preference
  • Request your followers to broadcast your IGTV videos
  • Be conversant with the latest trends
  • Be flexible to adapt to changes


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